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FIFA 23 is the next technological advancement by anqilan456 anqilan456
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  • FIFA 22 is the next technological advancement in the field of virtual football and , while it's not re-inventing the ball, the attacking and defending gameplay is fluid and instantaneous. There are some visual glitches and goalskeeper mistakes aside FIFA 23 coins, this year's FIFA is still one of the most nuanced and enjoyable multi-sport games on the market. New features across Career Mode and Volta Football have made FIFA's most popular modes more enjoyable to play.

    Microtransactions still loom large but the small, incremental changes and the horsepower of new-gen consoles can make FIFA 22 feel like a worthy upgrade, without needing any groundbreaking or exciting features on the part of EA. -- Jordan Oloman, September 27, 2021

    Player Career offers a revolutionary persona system that lets you, in most dramatic air quotes, play the role of your favorite footballer. For me, this was equivalent to receiving 25 "Maverick Points in exchange for a 'High-end Hybrid Mattress' for a Serbian striker in the K-League and, therefore, you could imagine the time I spent with the system.

    It is now possible to choose an actual Manager (or Ted Lasso, however real you want him to actually be) you can play in Manager Career as well buy FUT 23 coins, but other than playing as Jason Sudekis, a mute Jason, or dress Eddie Howe in a lovely sweater, there's nothing to do other than enjoy the silly cutscenes.

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