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  • But there is not any scientific proof that green tea leaves, which enter the system by inhalation, have any effect. Will be tobacco regulated? The using tobacco bureau says: no which can be, not tobacco. Industry and also commerce bureau said: your have the Cheap Newport 100s national standard, simply no production license, but in industry circulation, many departments mentioned it can not be taken. As well as drug supervisor said: could not Newport 100s Cigarettes eat to the stomach, certainly not food. Manufacturer says: producing license "nowhere can apply". The influence of teas smoke on society Li Buy Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online xiaoliang, a famous health-related expert on tobacco command, disagrees with the concept. "the cultural symbol of making nonsmoking products into cigarettes is always to guide and encourage visitors to smoke, especially some young adults, " li said. Dalam gonghuan, director of the Cina branch of the global tobacco management research center, said, "all tobacco products do not may help harm caused by tobacco, and also the tea cigarettes currently in the marketplace do not help smokers give up. "

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