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Complex Data of Screw Separation Machine by Lu Fan
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Basic Information:
  • This classifier can filter materials and send coarse resources to the feeding mouth and discharge high-quality components within the pipe. The seat with the machine options channel steel material, when your body is armor plated and the spiral axle is built of cast iron for durability. The lifting gear can be used manually or electronically. Our akins classifiers are greatly utilized while in the distribution of ore in shut circuits with ball mills, grading granularity in steel ore-dressing system, and de-sliming and dehydrating in washing approach. Simply because diverse grains have diverse precise gravity and sedimentation costs in liquid, this solution enables the wonderful ore to move from the h2o, while coarse ore sinks towards the bottom. This classifier can filter materials and ship coarse supplies to your feeding mouth and discharge fantastic supplies from your pipe. The seat in the Barite Grinding Mill options channel steel product, while the body is armor plated as well as the spiral axle is created of forged iron for longevity. The lifting equipment can be used manually or electronically. Main Functions of Screw Grader:1. Adjustable weirs 2. Sealed, submerged bearing 3. Optional automatic lubrication process 4. Rigid tank and substructure 5. Extensive selection of tank structure 6. Overflow selection box

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