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The Yard has the chance to help Madden NFL 23 by Meade Dorian
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  • The Yard has the chance to help Madden NFL 23 be one of the best Madden games. While the core game gets small improvements each year Madden 23 Coins, a genuinely new and fun mode like The Yard can be the change that fans are asking for. EA Sports releases a new Madden NFL game every year, so it's no surprise that Madden NFL 23 is set to launch at the end of August.

    Madden NFL 23 is making a number of noticeable on-the-field improvements, though fans have raised concerns that Franchise mode is being neglected. Whether or not that's the case remains to be seen, but at the very worst, football fans should still be able to count on Madden NFL 23 as delivering gameplay on par with its predecessors.

    In the lead up to Madden NFL 23's launch on August 28. EA Sports has been giving players a small sneak peek of the game in the form of announcing player ratings for different positions. While some have become focused on whether or not their favorite player has joined the sought after 99 Club, a term used to describe players who have an overall rating of 99. some fans have become fixated on the tight end ratings for this year. More specifically, on Rob Gronkowski's rating of a 95.

    Most people who follow the NFL will know Rob Gronkowski as the boisterous tight end who often would dominate the field while playing with the New England Patriots. During this stint with the Patriots, he was even made the Madden NFL 23 cover athlete. While many might debate if he is one of the best tight ends of all time Cheap Madden nfl 23 Coins, there's no debating he dealt with numerous injuries and ultimately ended up retiring in March 2022. only to announce he would be returning to play with former teammate Tom Brady in Tampa Bay in 2022.

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