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The aluminum sheet grade 3003 h14 | Huawei Alu by xuanxuan geng
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Basic Information:
  • The aluminum sheet grade 3003 h14 is aluminum sheet 3003 with temper h14, h14 refers to the temper which increases strength by process harden. H14 means processed by hot rolling with strong tension. The 3000 series aluminum-manganese alloy is a non-reinforced aluminum alloy that has undergone heat treatment, because 3003 Aluminum Sheet has excellent properties such as low density, good plasticity, good welding performance, strong corrosion resistance, good ductility and smooth surface, 3003 aluminum is widely used in aerospace, automotive and electronics industries.
    In 3000 series aluminum, the 3003 aluminum is a representative rust-proof aluminum alloy of AI-Mn, the other alloys are 3004, 3104 and 3105 aluminum. Due to the addition of manganese, the 3003 h14 aluminum sheet is stronger and more resistant to corrosion than pure aluminum. The main features of aluminum sheet 3003 h14 are low density, high tensile strength and high elongation. In the same area, the weight of aluminum-magnesium 3003 alloy is lower than other series, therefore, the 3003 h14 aluminum sheet is commonly used in aviation by continuous extrusion. Aluminum sheet grade 3003 h14 has good deep drawing properties and is suitable for thinning and reducing the weight of materials to reduce the amount of materials.

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