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  • Learn for yourself an astonishing success story of a medical billing and coding professional and let the successful medical billing business take you to the heights of success in your career. Till date you would have heard a lot about successful medical billing businesses. To achieve success in the medical billing and coding in addition to possess a certification one also needs to have right attitude towards the job. By reading the below true medical billing and coding success story you'll not only be inspired to take medical billing as a serious career but also get genuine tips to succeed in medical billing profession. Read further for the true story of Ann Grinnell in Winnetka Maglia Matias Vecino , CA who runs the business of medical billing under the name Velocity Medical Billing Services, LLC successfully. Benefit of Choosing the Business you like to do: The direct benefit of selecting medical billing business is that you get the freedom to be master of your work! In this case Mrs. Ann Grinnell left her job of 23 years at a big corporation in order to get this freedom of starting her own business. She needed to give quality time to her husband and her daughter's growing family in addition to her profession. Medical billing is one such profession where you have flexibility of working at hours suitable to you and you also get to work from home. Deciding on the Medical Billing Career: From unending options available for small run form home businesses Maglia Yann Karamoh , medical billing and coding business seemed perfect to her and decided to go with LLC after which she decided that Medical Billing was the best place for her. Medical Billing Certification: She completed her graduation in May 2004 and also received a special honors award for the course and also a special merit award for 'Understanding HIPAA' course. After this she realized the benefits of being a certified medical billing professional. There was no looking back for her since then. She signed her first client well within first business month and the second within the next month. The Path to Becoming Successful Medical Biller: Medical billing and coding profession is not the one in which you get to know all the things of the business once you complete your graduation. It is a learning process in which you will learn new things each and every day and evolve as a professional with each passing day. Another thing which will help you gather important information easily is by networking with your colleagues. This is a field in which you will get to learn new things by sharing your knowledge with others! The quote that 'Knowledge increases by sharing' is perfectly suitable to the medical billing and coding profession. Important Tips to Succeed in Medical Billing Profession: Initially your medical billing business might test your patience and also you might have to see certain slow business days, but never give up and remember only one thing that there is great demand in the market for good quality certified medical billers and keep going. And learn to gather as much information from market s possible and keep yourself updated of the recent developments in the field of medical billing and coding and you will surely hit the market with great clients soon. Sometimes you want a camera which is a little bit more robust than your normal point and shoot camera. An SLR camera could be exactly what you’ll need. These are generally digital cameras which are built to resemble the manual film cameras that skilled photographers used for so long. Some think it’s tough to select the best SLR digital camera. For this reason Maglia Stefan de Vrij , we’re going to review the Nikon D3100 and its included lens. 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