How Medical Surgical Mask Is Produced by medicaldevice donghaixiang
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Basic Information:
  • 1. The use of disposable sampling swabs:

    Medical Surgical Mask is used to collect human and animal genetic (DNA) cells. They are generally used in hospitals or laboratories for virus detection and research, as well as for oral sampling, nasopharyngeal sampling, virus sampling and nucleic acid sampling. It can be used with disposable virus sampling tubes.

    2. The production process of sampling swabs

    ▲Cotton swab stick rapid injection molding machine

    ▲Sampling swab electrostatic flocking (electrostatic generator)

    ▲ Sampling swab flocking drying production line

    ▲Packaging equipment for nucleic acid testing and sampling swabs

    production process:

    Injection molding---dip planting glue---centrifugal plastic flocking---box electrostatic flocking---baking---finishing---inspection---disinfection packaging

    First, inject the cotton swab through the automatic injection molding machine, install the cotton swab on the bracket, impregnate the flocking glue and centrifuge to shake off the excess glue, put it into the flocking box for flocking, and then dry the tunnel in the dryer, dry After the array inspection, finally sterilized and packaged into nucleic acid sampling swab products. this

    3. Medical Surgical Gloves features:

    ⑴ The sampling head of this product has soft and vertical flocking hairs, which solves the problem of secondary bleeding damage caused by the sampling swabs currently used in the market when the patient sheds cells during the collection process;

    ⑵ The product consists of four parts: handle, connecting rod, sampling head and shell. The operation is simple, and the long handle is easy to grasp; it can be held and adjusted back and forth, which is safe and reliable;

    ⑶ The sampling head is composed of nylon fluff and viscose. The soft vertical fluff of the sampling head can effectively protect the sampling tissue from damage. Harmless to human body and microorganisms, it can collect and release samples to the maximum extent.

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