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Snake Tongs with lock can upward the sctrw in the handle by Snake Hook
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Basic Information:
  • Name Snake Catcher/Tong Specifications
    Color 70cm/100cm/120cm
    Green Material Stainless steel / iron galvanized Number NFF-03 Features Stainless steel tube, rust, long time service.
    Thicker barbed sawtooth design, more firmly grab.
    Rubber handle design, feel better.
    Snake handle with lock can upward the sctrw in the handle, so the chuck will not release.

    In addition, you may also need to transfer your pet snake to the place, or a different nest. When you are not handy, you will need Snake Tongs. Snake tongs both to ensure your safety, but also to make the pet snake is not harmed.

    Resin Pet Bowl


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