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  • Environmental protection requirements are becoming more and more strict during construction. Sand and gravel production line manufacturers must not only ensure the quality of finished products but also ensure that the environmental protection standards are met in the production process in order to be qualified for production. The main pollutant in the operation of the Sand Making Machine is dust, and the establishment of an effective dust removal system is the key. At present, the dust removal system is mainly composed of water spray dust removal and bag dust removal. The function of water spray is to generate less dust, and the function of the bag dust collector is to collect the generated dust. In the aggregate production line, a water spray device is generally installed in the head hopper of the unloading bin and each transfer station. If a steel structure greenhouse is used for the storage of finished products, a water spray device is also provided. The design points of the water spray device are: the nozzle position and quantity are designed reasonably, the water volume can be adjusted, and the water pressure is guaranteed, otherwise the dust reduction effect is not obvious and it is easy to block the screen hole of the vibrating screen and affect production. The design points of the bag dust collector are: the specifications, quantity and collection duct of the bag dust collector should be designed reasonably, and the dust collection dust must be set up in a separate storage store and not returned to the production line to avoid secondary dust generation downstream. In addition, in the design, as much as possible to reduce the drop of each feeder not only reduces a certain construction cost, but also a means to reduce the generation of dust. The system flow of the gravel production line should be determined according to the specific environment, material characteristics, product shape and market demand. For the product shape, the cone crusher is better than the impact crusher, and the impact crusher is better than the hammer crusher. The use of closed steel silos (or concrete silos) for storage is more environmentally friendly than steel structure sheds, and is preferred in areas with stricter environmental requirements. In recent years, environmental protection has become stricter and stricter, which has increased the production costs of sand and gravel production enterprises. However, the achievements have been significantly reduced, and the number of blue sky and white clouds has increased. Sand and gravel manufacturers should also change their minds and adapt to the situation. They should see that the government has changed from the previous encouragement to the mandatory implementation of environmental protection construction. Environmental protection production. Most of the companies that do not meet or produce serious pollution have been shut down or ordered Require self-inspection to stop production. Therefore, factories and enterprises, including sand and gravel production lines, should take advantage of this opportunity to complete the transformation, consider for a long time, and realize a sustainable industrial operation mode.

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