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  • Help, what a beautiful word. It is like a spring breeze, bringing people from the world into their arms and bringing them together Cigarettes For Sale, eliminating the "iceberg" of spiritual separation between people and sending warmth and hope to those in trouble. It was a bitter winter morning in the cold wind. I sat on the bus, and the bustling voice in the car made me feel upset. Not far away, a woman holding her child was running quickly towards the car. "Don't be in vain, the car is about to drive." I thought so, but the car still stopped there. It turned out to be the driver's brother, who was waiting patiently for the woman to get on the car Online Cigarettes. After getting in the car, the woman reached into her pocket and tried to take out the change and throw it into the cash drawer, but because she was holding the child in her hand, she seemed extremely difficult. Her face was flushed and she had nothing to do. At this time, the big brother next to him shot, he stepped forward to invest a dollar for the woman, and then got out of the car. The woman thanked him. He just nodded and disappeared into the cold wind without looking back. The woman came to the back of the carriage, stood there with the child in her arms, and looked at her like a holy goddess. At this time a sudden brake, all the passengers standing in the carriage were unstable, including her. At this time, the boy next to her supported her and asked with concern: "Is it okay?" "It's okay, thank you." The woman said. "That's good," the lad said. I got up from my seat a he was dreaming of, a dream of a gentle goddess singing for him? Gradually, the noise in the car disappeared, and only the gentle voice surrounded the passenger's ear Marlboro Red. I closed my eyes, listened carefully to the song, and enjoyed the beautiful atmosphere. After I walked down the road, I recalled the scene of the bus: the patient driver's brother, the uncle who did a good job Attentive lad, quiet passenger. At this moment I seemed to see flowers blooming brightly in the grass. I smiled happily: Ah, spring, spring is coming!
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