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  • Paternal love is an eternal topic. Everyone's understanding of paternal love is different. I will never forget what happened that night. It has made me deeply appreciate the care of my father and mother. On an autumn night, a period of discomfort woke me from my sleep. I only felt thirsty and thirsty, and my legs were weak. I wake up my mother. "Ah, why is my face so red? My body has a fever?" Mother said, moulding her forehead with her back. "Why is it so hot!" Mother found the thermometer and tucked it under my armpit. Dad also woke up and brought a cup of hot water. "39.5 degrees. Fever." Mom said anxiously. This time scared my father and mother, they quickly helped me get dressed and took me to the hospital. The doctor said that it was okay to drink a bottle of liquid because of the cold fever caused by drinking cold water and the high fever caused by not covering the quilt while sleeping. Father and mother are relieved. After the infusion, my father and mother took me back. When I got home, my mother helped me to go to bed, and my father made a bowl of sour noodle soup for me. After drinking sour noodle soup, I felt much more comfortable, so I advised my parents to go to rest early. Mom said, "Sleep, my dad and I will take turns looking at you." I don't know when I fell asleep. Waking up the next morning Cigarettes For Sale, I saw my mother fell asleep on the desk Marlboro Lights. I saw the wrinkles on my mother's forehead stretched out, mom, this wrinkle is tired for me, how much a son wants to smooth it out, let the beauty reappear! I can't help but reach out and want to touch my mother's face. The sound alarmed my mother. My mother woke up and said to me: "Yesterday and your dad were terrified. Don't drink cold water in the future. Be careful when you sleep, and cover your quilt. ... Well, everything needs parents and mothers to worry about ... Are you hungry? I'll cook something for you. "Nagging mother is back. I was sick this time, and I deeply experienced the love my parents gave me. I have seen the vicissitudes of the years and the happiness of life in them! Love is a feeling, it is a sentiment! The love of my parents made me feel the surge of affection, the warmth of the family and the colorfulness of life. Fatherly love is love that I will never forget Marlboro Red.
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