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7075 T6 Aluminum Plate by xuanxuan geng
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Basic Information:
  • 7075 t6 aluminum platebelongs to the 7000 series products and is one of the key merchandise within the aluminum processing industry. The 7075 aluminum plate may be processed in a thickness of 0.2-500mm and a most width of 2800mm. Not unusual states are T6 and t6. T651 eliminates inner strain and is a excessive high-quality 7075 aluminum sheet plate product that has gone through heat remedy and pre-stretching, and is the most appropriate nation for processing. Amongst them, 7075 T6 and T651 aluminum plate are greater generally used, and the maximum widely used specs are inside 1650mm in width, 12000 in length, and 1-200mm in thickness.
    The 7075 T6 aluminum plate is generally a quenched aluminum plate, which has high strength and hardness. The 7075 T651 aluminum plate is a pre-stretched aluminum plate, that is, a stretching process is introduced to clear up the hassle of the 7075 T6 aluminum plate, so that the internal stress of the aluminum plate is eliminated. The 7075 aluminum plateis particularly used as aircraft grade aluminum product, together with 2000 collection aluminum plate, they're the standard aerospace grade aluminum plate product. 7075 aluminum plate fee is stricken by product specifications, price of aluminum ingots, freight and different conditions, so this newsletter can't supply corresponding figures for the fee of 7075 aluminum plate, please touch the producer for professional quotation of 7075 aluminum plate price.The thickness specification of 7075 t6 aluminum plateis divided into three sections: skinny aluminum plate, medium and thick aluminum plate, and ultra-thick aluminum plate. The thickness of 7075 aluminum sheet normally ranges from 1.0mm to 5mm, and the state is typically T6 and T651. The thickness of 7075 medium-thick aluminum plate tiers from 6mm to 190mm, and the country is in general T6 and T651. The thickness of the ultra-thick 7075 aluminum plate is extra than 200mm, and the kingdom is T652.

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