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  • On a quiet night, a snail named Slow and his friends took a walk under the bright moonlight. Suddenly, a car swooped past them and quickly disappeared into the moonlight. Slowly looking at the car going away, said: "If I can walk so fast, then I can realize many wishes that I can't usually achieve." The little partner beside said: "Slowly, I know there are A magician who can help small animals realize their wishes, he is awesome. As long as he thinks your wishes are reasonable, it will help you succeed. You can try your luck! "I slowly listened to the light, especially excited. It decided to go to the magician the next day. Early the next morning, I set off at a brisk pace. Along the way, do n��t mention how happy she is, say hello to Father Sun, make a grimace for flowers and plants, and give a salute to the little animals at noon, and finally come to the magician ��s house and see the magician , Slowly holding the magician ��s hand with excitement: ��Dear Mr. Magician, I ��m so happy to see you. I want to make myself as fast as a car Newport Cigarettes. Can you help me?�� Why are you doing this? "The magician asked. I hurriedly replied: "Being able to become vigorous and flying is one of my wishes. Of course, the most important thing is that I want to use this speed to help the little animals in need, so that they can also dream come true." The magician was moved Yes, I promised the request slowly. The magician picked up the magic wand, and slowly changed a speed shell, and also installed an accelerator behind the shell Cheap Cigarettes. As long as he pushed hard, he could walk vigorously. "Okay, you try it!" Said the magician. Slowly I can't wait to step back, and soon I will return home! "I am not dreaming? Great, my wish has finally come true!" Shouted slowly. At this time, the announcement of the long-distance registration came from the forest radio, and he jumped up excitedly and shouted: "I want to change the name to go to the competition, I want to win the championship!" The game, as expected, won the championship quickly. After the game, when I came to the buddies to prepare to accept everyone's congratulations, what I didn't expect was that everyone avoided it, and some buddies whispered in the corner: "Hey, do you know? Cheating, this kind of result makes people look down upon. "" I don't want to be friends with it ... "Hearing is very sad, he thinks about it and decides to decide to go back to his original self. Changed back to the original self, and the friends all came to play with it happily! The slow story made me understand: to insist on being yourself, what suits others is not necessarily suitable for yourself.
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