The Vegetable Drying Machine Has Simple Structure by guanfeng gfmachine
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Basic Information:
  • Vegetable Drying Machine is a continuous drying equipment for mass production, which is used for drying sheet, strip, granule and part of paste materials with good air permeability.  It is especially suitable for dehydrated vegetables, Chinese herbal pieces and other materials with high moisture content and heat sensitivity.  It has the advantages of high drying rate, high evaporation intensity, good product quality, etc.  The number of drying media, temperature, humidity, exhaust gas circulation and other operating parameters can be independently controlled to ensure the reliability of belt vegetable drying equipment and the optimization of operating conditions.

    It is understood that the belt vegetable drying equipment is composed of several independent unit sections.  Each unit section comprises a circulating fan, a heating device, a separate or common fresh air suction system and a tail gas exhaust system.  The performance of vegetable drying equipment directly affects the quality and value of dried food.  In recent years, China has successively developed various vegetable drying equipment with multi-function, high efficiency, low energy consumption and strong adaptability.

    Belt vegetable drying equipment has simple structure, convenient installation and long-term operation.  When there is a fault, it can also enter the box for maintenance, which is convenient for maintenance.  Belt type vegetable drying equipment has a wide range of applications, and has been widely used in pharmaceutical, food, biological, chemical and other fields.  However, the selection criteria are different in each field, because the requirements and parameters of dry materials in each field are quite different.

    As a professional food equipment manufacturer, gf-machine knows that it should actively absorb foreign advanced technology, innovate products and improve product quality.  Develop large-scale equipment, control the degree of automation, quality, surface treatment equipment, efforts to select anti-corrosion materials, develop multi-functional combination machines, and continue to extend the product life cycle.

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