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  • Winter is coming, in order to mobilize the enthusiasm of the students to exercise, the school held a large-scale activity-the Winter Games. I had no intention of participating in the sports meeting Marlboro Lights, but the class teacher said that every student had to report a sports event Carton Of Cigarettes. I had to choose a 100-meter race. Because there are two points and one line every day-from the classroom to the restaurant, little exercise and little walking. Will definitely not be able to run away from others. The project I participated in was the first one to appear. The game started. I walked into the middle of the playground with anxiety. The playground was filled with classmates and teachers. They were cheerleaders. There were eight people participating in the 100-meter race. The referees lined us up by number, and they were all taller and thinner than me. I was like a fat puddle between them, short and fat, and short legs. At this time, I wanted to abstain. The referee seemed to see through my mind and said to me: "Don't be discouraged, winning or losing is not important, the focus is on participation!" His words seemed to give me a shot of stimulant Parliament Cigarettes, which made me 100 times more energetic. We were all ready, and with a whistle, we all flew past like an arrow from the end of the string, at first I was still in the front, and I was left behind in the blink of an eye. Seeing that they all surpassed me, I wanted to give up again. At this time, I only heard the cry from my ears: "Come on! Come on!" I ran and ran out with all my strength, and finally fell behind, I ran the last one. At this moment, my eyes were black and my heart beat faster, and I could not hear anything. I went to the ground unconsciously and knew nothing. When I woke up, I was already lying in bed. Several classmates stood beside me, and they comforted me to take a good rest. I really realized the taste of failure. Although I failed this time, I felt deeply. With every effort, every gain, no matter in study or in life, it is difficult to succeed without hard work.
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