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What does using a standing desk bring by con tuo
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Basic Information:
  • In the past few years, more and more companies have begun to provide height adjustable desk, in order to improve the health of employees, encourage them to cooperate more in teams, which will help increase productivity. There is no doubt that a standing desk can indeed have a great positive effect on production efficiency, especially since it can greatly improve the physical and mental health of employees, which helps to increase productivity in the long term.

    According to a scientific research, high desks can greatly increase employee productivity. This is a good attempt for companies that want to increase employee productivity. Research shows that employees who use high desks are more productive than sitting at regular desks. The colleague at the desk is much taller.

    In any case, it is difficult to increase employee productivity. Therefore, workplace productivity is characterized by the number of successful calls within an hour of work. A supervisor said that almost all employees' working hours are spent on desks or workstations. According to some studies, employees who work at high desks sit on average 1.5 hours less per day than their colleagues at regular desks. Sitting for a long time does cause many health problems, including heart disease, obesity, diabetes, etc. Therefore, a high desk is also conducive to improving the health of employees, increasing their exercise time, reducing backaches and other physical discomfort symptoms. Speed up the consumption of calories.

    In addition to offices, more and more schools are also adopting high desks. For these students who use high desks to study, their participation in the classroom is generally higher, and their academic performance will generally be improved.

    The change in attitude towards high desks has made the role of high desks in people’s lives more and more obvious. Employees are more and more confident in their work, their sense of accomplishment is greatly improved, fatigue is reduced, and their work efficiency is improved. So it's no surprise that standing desk have a positive impact on employee productivity.

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