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  • Crusher Machine according to the categories can be divided into medical stone crusher and mining stone crusher. Mining crusher principle adapted to a large number of mine hard rock crushing, can handle the side length of 100 to 500 mm below the material. The compressive strength of up to 350 MPa, after crushing the material was cubic particles and so on. Mining gravel machine refers to the size of the discharge of more than three millimeters of the total discharge volume of more than 50% of the crushing machinery.

    Different types of crusher working principle is completely different to the hammer crusher, for example: hammer crusher is mainly by impact energy to complete the crushing operation of the material. Hammer crusher work, the motor driven rotor for high-speed rotation, the material evenly into the crusher cavity, high-speed rotary hammer impact, shear tear material caused by the material is broken, at the same time, the material's own gravity from the material from the High-speed rotating hammer rushed to the body baffle, sieve strip, in the lower part of the rotor, with a sieve, crushed material smaller than the size of the sieve through the sieve size, material larger than the sieve size retained in the sieve Continue to be hammering and grinding on the hammer.

    Crusher machine generally handles larger pieces of material, the product is coarse, usually larger than 8 mm. Its structure is characterized by broken pieces have a certain gap between, do not touch each other. Although the impact crusher appeared late, but the rapid development. It has been widely used in all kinds of ores, fine-grained operations and coarse ore-crushing equipment in our country's cement, building materials, coal and chemical industries as well as dressing and other industrial sectors.

    Crusher machine in operation, the machinery and motor can not have vibration, sound and humidity should be normal, the bearing temperature does not exceed 75 ℃, the motor temperature shall not exceed the manufacturers regulations. At full load, the amount of chain tension does not allow more than two link length, there may be card chain, skip chain phenomenon. Crusher protection network safety devices should be kept intact, in the course of their work to be checked frequently, if damaged should be shut down immediately. Crusher Machine from

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