A brief introduction to Oxford fabrics

A brief introduction to Oxford fabrics by zdfabric zdfabric
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Basic Information:
  • Oxford fabric is a very soft fabric. This soft cotton fabric is named after the University of Oxford and is most commonly used to make classic white Oxford shirts. At the same time, it can also be found in skirts, pajamas and sportswear.

    Here are the main varieties of Oxford fabrics:

    1. Cover Oxford fabric. Specially used to make all kinds of bags

    2. Nylon Oxford fabric. Mainly produce flood and rain protection products

    3. Full stretch Oxford fabric. Mainly make luggage

    4. Tige Oxford fabric. Mainly produce various bags

    5. Weft Oxford fabric. Mainly produce all kinds of bags.


    How to name the specifications of Oxford fabrics? The specifications should be determined according to the thickness of the raw materials.


    For example: 210D Oxford fabric should be made of 200D raw material for warp and weft, so why not call it 200D Oxford fabric? Because the allowable error range of thickness of raw materials in the world is +/-5%, it is generally called upwards, which is called 210D. 1680D luggage cloth should be woven with two 800D, otherwise it cannot be called 1680D luggage cloth.


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