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What Made So Much Of RS Great Back by Kingang
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  • Mainly because I believe people perceive me as a nub so they ignore me. Actually the other day I was wearing the aforementioned and that RS gold I changed to Total bandos+claws. Point of my babbling, just how can you think... A) Your ensemble affects individuals comment of you. I personally believe most men and women ignore me in my brand new outfit... As much as judging others, I try not to, however when I see someone in a Tank, or bandos+glory or hell just complete rune+glory I'm tempted to mentally put them from the nub file, even though that usually isn't the case.

    Thought about that a little. In Soul Wars, you've the obelisk at the center, and two graveyards to the other side, right? Anyywayyy, the first objective of this game is to acquire your own graveyard for your team: Now your near the obelisk, the most significant part the game. Next, you try and kill the avatar: Let us say your team wins. Some man reduces ava level to zero via obelisk, and then after that, your staff takes another graveyard:

    Your near the avatar now. Probably what made me wonder that the MOST is now, another team only has the house graveyard: RIGHT NEXT TO THE AVATAR. In a, IDUNNO, PERFECT place to defend it? I know development is mutations eventually resulting in the greater race/animal: Survival of the fittest. However, it is a little of the exact same context. If we think Gielnorianly (pro word), is not a very wonderful cause -> effect sequence? Please, DO NOT tell me that'omg u noob this aint ny evolution gtfo nub and receive science degre kthxbai'. Only, tell me what you think.

    I was considering creating a skiller account, after one of these joined a dunging party I had been in. He was level , there was a 120, 111, 105(me) and an 89 in the celebration. While the rest of us were draining dinosaurs out of chambers, wondering at which the door for our keys were, and generally performing the Buy rs3 gold standard occupation, this lvl 3 skiller went about and, for lack of a better word, sucked up each resouce point. At the conclusion of the level, the whole party got"Beast Mode" title, which states"You displayed Mod (some thing )'s stubborness by exhausting every possible source on the way to the supervisor." So I thought, wow, being a skiller in a dung party convinced has its own benefits...

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