How to use automatic paper folding machine for inspection? by rong hua
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Basic Information:
  • With the continuous use of automatic folding machine, it is particularly important to use automatic folding machine for inspection. However, the traditional inspection technology can not detect effectively, so how to use automatic folding machine for inspection is particularly important.

    The number of suction wheels of automatic paper folding machine is controlled by electromagnetic valve, and its main function is to transport paper. The inspiratory volume can be adjusted by knob, and the inspiratory volume will be reversed by clockwise rotation, otherwise the inspiratory volume will become larger.

    If the ribbon installation of the automatic folding machine is not in place and is unreasonable, the ribbon of the automatic folding machine will appear winding and deviation when working and rotating, which needs us to stop in time to avoid the printing needle of the folding machine accidentally contacting the sub-roller and wearing off the printing needle, thus better ensuring the service life of the folding machine.

    Automatic folding machine plays an irreplaceable role in our life, and we should do a good job of maintaining it properly in the process of using it, so that it can have a longer service life.

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