The Entry Of Tapered Button Bits Oil by drilling kaiqiu
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Basic Information:
  •        First, the thinning of the engine oil caused by digging and replacing the oil of the Tapered Button Bits. The main reasons for the entry of oil are as follows.
           1. The oil radiator is damaged.
           2. It is recommended that the machine block water.
           3. The cylinder seal is damaged.
           4. There are cracks in the cylinder liner.
           5. The cylinder head gasket is damaged.
          The anti-oxidation function of Tapered Button Bits oil will decrease when it enters water, and then the oil will become thinner and thinner, resulting in lower lubrication function. Second, the thinning of the engine oil caused by the entry of fuel into the buried Tapered Button Bits oil.
          The fuel mixed in the oil will also make the oil thinner. The main reasons are as follows.
          1. The fuel supply system has shortcomings and poor fuel atomization, resulting in fuel or a large excess of fuel mixture being mixed into the crankcase and engine oil, and then the oil becomes thinner.
          2. Tapered Button Bits recommends that the engine be left idle for a long time, and repeated recommendations, etc., allow the fuel mixture to enter the crankcase and make the oil thin.
          3. The oil forcibly lubricated by the oil pump or the forced lubrication oil pump becomes thinner.
          4. Step on the accelerator. Accelerating when stepping on the accelerator will also make the fuel enter the oil and then make the oil thin.
          5. Drilling Tools Manufacturer's cylinder wall wear leads to changes in cylinder diameter, damage to the piston ring, improper piston ring equipment, etc., resulting in thinning of the oil.

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