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Transparency Of Pex Cold Expansion Fittings by zheng ppsu
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Basic Information:
  • 1.
    PEX Cold Expansion Fittings are transparent before adding glass fiber, but will become opaque.

    1. The toughness of plastic decreases, while the brittleness increases.
    2. The melt viscosity of all materials increases, the fluidity becomes worse, and the injection pressure is much higher than that without glass fiber.
    3. Poor fluidity, and the injection temperature of reinforced plastic is 10℃-30℃ higher than before without glass fiber.
    4. Due to the addition of glass fiber and additives, the moisture absorption performance of reinforced plastics is greatly enhanced. The original pure plastics that do not absorb water will also become water-absorbing. Therefore, they must be dried during injection molding.
    5. During the injection molding process, the glass fiber can enter the surface of the plastic product, making the surface of the product rough and spotty. In order to obtain a higher surface quality, it is best to use a mold temperature machine to heat the mold during injection, so that the plastic polymer enters the surface of the product, but the appearance quality of pure plastic cannot be achieved.
    6. The glass fiber of PEX Expansion Fittings is a material with high hardness. After the additives are volatilized at high temperature, it is a very corrosive gas, which will wear and corrode the screw and injection mold of the injection molding machine. Therefore, this type of material is used in production. When using the mold and injection molding machine, pay attention to the surface anti-corrosion treatment and surface hardness treatment of the equipment.
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