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In Jita Or A Null Station by Kingang
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  • I agree it needs to be reworked but enabling afk warping to skip warp disruptors isn't a fantastic idea.A better idea is to provide means in large security space to get equal things that EVE Echoes Items you may from null or very low sec but in a much more time or less frequently. If you could do everything you can now do in null in the security of high sec but in a much slower pace, would the majority of gamers take care of the change?Saying that it isnt a good idea doesnt make it, why can it be bad? Why not add a penalty where optional risk free travel is available but at much slower rate?

    The issue is the flow of goods from null to high sec in addition to the imbalance of this game's economy. If everyone is making lots of isk from bounties but no boats are blowing up, the cost of everything skyrockets yet no one buys fresh items.Risk free traveling ought to have a steep cost. If we create every jump price 15/warp speed minutes actual time, your boat is removed from real space, and you cannot block the travel, I could be in favor of it. A 5AU/s frigate takes 90 minutes. A 0.5AU/s freighter would require 15 hours. Obviously numbers would need tweaking but the idea is clear, with rapid ships which may escape gate camps, you're just slightly penalized. Using ships which would obviously be tackled, you're heavily penalized to this stage that you ought to seriously reconsider unless you have no selection.

    Obviously this would require tweaking. But eliminating players from realspace while warping does a few items.

    Gate camps will not see boats they can't handle

    Employing EVE Echoes ISK For Sale autopilot is 100% safe as long as your destination is a station

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