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Pex Cold Expansion Fittings Must Be Produced In Accordance by zheng ppsu
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Basic Information:
  • 1. Scratches on the outer surface of PEX Expansion Fittings
    Reason: sand and gravel are attached to the sizing sleeve, support plate or sealing ring
    Solution: clean the sizing sleeve, support plate or sealing ring
    2. Outer surface waterline
    Reason: The local water eye of the sizing sleeve is blocked, causing excessive water volume in individual water eye.
    Solution: clean the sizing sleeve
    3. Inner wall grooves (mostly appearing in thick wall pipes)
    Reason: The wall thickness is too thick, the melt is difficult to cool, and flow occurs.
    Solution: Try the central cooling system to reduce the temperature of the mouth and core.
    4. Uneven pipe wall thickness
    Reasons: 1. The bolts of the mouth touch or core touch are loose, and the gap adjustment of the mouth touch is improper; 2. The temperature of the mouth touch or core touch is uneven, resulting in inconsistent material flow; 3. The sizing sleeve and the mouth touch are not aligned, spiral shunt shuttle or The screen is clogged.
    Solution: 1. Tighten the bolts or adjust the gap between the mouth and touch; 2. Check the heating ring and temperature sensor; 3. Adjust the sizing sleeve and the mouth and touch the centering and deflection shuttle or screen.
    5. Low elongation at break
    Reasons: 1. The raw material is not smelt well; 2. The orientation increases and the cleanliness increases
    Solution: 1. Adjust the process temperature to strengthen the plasticizing effect; 2. Increase the distance between the mouth mold and the sizing sleeve.
    6. Large ovality:
    Reason: gravity
    Solution: add correction device
    PEX Cold Expansion Fittings manufacturers can only achieve the goal of not only controlling the quality of pipes but also reducing production costs by establishing strict operating procedures and process procedures and strengthening the process and control efforts.

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