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Big Brother Underbelly Black Still Loves to Act [Metaphysics] by Berg Amy
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  • "It's not easy to tell anyone" Xu Yangyang lowered his head helplessly Fu Tingxian was silent for a long time before he said "Yang Yang I respect your choice I won't tell Brother Nan" Xu Yangyang is stupefied gas arrives "Where do you want to go after all" "I didn't think of where to go" Fu Tingxian was obviously insincere He turned his face away "I support your choice" "What do you plastic pallet manufacturer support" Xu Yangyang said angrily What do you see in him Fu Tingxian couldn't help asking Xu Yangyang was delighted by him and said "I like his money" Fu listened to a thoughtful "oh" then silently picked up the phone ran to the street and immediately dialed the number just now I'll see you tonight "See you X are you playing with me"

    "Of course not I'll give you the goods at night and you give me the reward" "I'll give you X" "If you don't want to die I'll see you at night Not a word less Don't talk nonsense to me Hang up" When Fu Tingxian returned to his seat after the phone call Xu Yangyang looked up and asked "Is it urgent" "No hurry" He thought about it looked at Xu Yangyang with bright eyes and said pointedly "a big deal can make a lot of money" Xu Yangyang finished the last mouthful of ice cream and exclaimed "You are so great" Fu Tingxian looked at her with a smile You haven't answered me yet Xu Yangyang is a little anxious "can't you see it" "There's still a chance for others to protect you but if Brother Nan protects you" Fu Tingxian shook his head "Do you know that he is a man of principle" Xu Yangyang thought I know too much So since Su Mu found Nan Ge he must have signed a contract if the protection is not thorough the credibility of the geomancer association will be somewhat lost "So serious" "It's not that serious" Fu Tingxian shook his head "Brother Nan was laughed at"

    "What can I do" "If you want to see it" Fu Tingxian said "I can help you inquire about it" "Ah Xian is really a good man" Xu Yangyang is smiling Fu Tingxian blushed and turned his head away to look at the white clouds "Because you are very important" he whispered Xu Yangyang didn't hear clearly "What did you say" He asked Fu Tingxian turned his head and looked at her seriously The blue sky and white clouds spread out behind him and the handsome face became more and more beautiful He half-curled his eyelids like a serious joke "I said if I work hard to make money will you also like me" The money There was a long pause before the last two words were spoken Xian wake up You're the man who grabbed cucumbers with me in the fresh supermarket Cheer up "Cut" Two people have finished eating Fu Tingxian stood up and walked to the door Xu Yangyang also stood up Fu Tingxian looked down at her He saw a little cream on her cheek

    His fingers were clenched into fists He struggled for a long time and finally let go silently He handed over a piece of tissue and said "There is something on her face" Xu Yangyang took the paper wiped it immediately and then threw the paper into the trash can Fu listened to the string slowly looking at the paper eyes gloomy and in the moment she turned to urge him to hide If you were mine I could reach out my finger and wipe the cream off for you but you're not I can only hand you a piece of paper and say "You have something on your face" I can't get close plastic pallet bin Chapter 62 In the afternoon Fu Tingxian called and told Xu Yangyang everything he had heard Have to say this guy is really well-informed many kinds of mess can get no wonder at that time to cooperate with him Fu Tingxian said that because most people can't afford to hire Si Nan Su Mu swelled after having Nan Ge's close protection Recently he resumed his life of partying every night and he didn't know whether he could keep up with nutrition or not Xu Yangyang thought that you still had time to worry about Su Mu's nutritional problems Fu Tingxian said that Su Mu would go to the bar he often went to tonight probably because he wanted to be happy When you wanted to be happy Nan Ge would not be there would he What hot eyes So he must be alone at this time Xu Yangyang thought how to be alone is not there a happy woman Fu Tingxian hesitated for a moment before saying Brother Xu are you willing to sacrifice I remember you were pretty good at that bunny dance

    Xu Yangyang Xu Yangyang felt that she could not help the client Client Boss boss I have decided which six words to leave Xu Yangyang Don't you think it's beautiful to die with regret Client Boss I don't think so I think … Xu Yangyang Don't talk close your eyes and imagine the beautiful and touching picture Client Boss I Xu Yangyang Shh Client Boss are you looking for the black plastic pallet supplier key Xu Yangyang Seeing through and not saying through is the last respect for you and me Client Boss you can't do this I've heard your legend Xu Yangyang Pay attention to your choice of words Customer

    It's true It's useless but it always helps a little in the end It has a good reputation Xu Yangyang It doesn't sound very pleasant Client Whether you're happy or not anyway Xu Yangyang blacklisted Client Boss the side effect of the book in the blood is so big that I want to publicize it and use all my life's strength Xu Yangyang Too much Client Please help me Xu Yangyang If you don't fool around at the beginning is it so difficult to end Your brother is not an ordinary person and I can't afford to offend the people he invites You think so In fact this life is just like this The past is the past There is no need to say goodbye or anything The reincarnation is a new life and there is no relationship in the past Client reincarnated without him Xu Yangyang I am a man of principle "Ding Dong" system message the customer has purchased "Smile in the Mirror" for 7 days please deliver the goods in time Xu Yangyang Hey what are you doing Customer I like shopping when I am sad and I feel better Xu Yangyang In fact it's good to die regrettably If you can't say what you want to say it will rot in your heart forever He doesn't know your mind doesn't understand your company and doesn't understand your efforts Oh think about it I feel very happy Client Boss you definitely did it on purpose

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