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  • Four Advantages of China ODM Lithium Chain Saws Factory Lawn Mower
    Lawn mowers, also known as lawn mowers and brush cutters, are widely used. It is mainly used for garden decoration pruning, grassland greening pruning, city streets, greening attractions, pastoral pruning, field weeding, especially for the pruning of park grassland, football fields and other grasslands, private villa gardens, agricultural, forestry and animal husbandry vegetation fields, etc. It can also be used for autumn harvest . The most commonly used lawn mower today is the petrol lawn mower, also known as a petrol saw. So what are the advantages of a lawn mower? Let me give you a brief introduction today.
    Four advantages of lawn mowers:
    1. High efficiency: Generally, each lawn mower can mow more than 8×667m2 per day, and its efficiency is equivalent to 16 times that of manual weeding (0.5×667m2/day).
    2. Good benefit: Due to the fast speed of the lawn mower, the cutting effect on the weeds in the orchard is good, especially on the weeds with high tenderness. Generally, weeding 3 times a year can basically meet the weeding requirements.
    3. Conservation of water and soil: Manual weeding with a hoe will loosen the topsoil at the same time, thus often causing a certain amount of water and soil erosion. Manual weeding on the windowsill will cause more serious soil erosion. Weeding with a lawn mower has little effect on the soil surface because only the above-ground part of the weeds is cut off. The soil-fixing effect of grass roots is extremely beneficial to water and soil conservation.
    4. Increase fertility: Leaf Blowers Manufacturers use lawn mowers to weed, and wait for the weeds to grow to a certain height before proceeding. A large number of weeds can cover the orchard, and can also be used as organic fertilizer in the orchard to increase soil fertility.
    Scope of application of lawn mower electric garden tools: suitable for reeds, alfalfa, fish grass and other weeds in plains, hills, terraced fields, orchards, triangular lands, etc. ).

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